Effective Conflict & Communication Skills




OVERVIEWIn this workshop, participants will discover the underlying causes of conflict and the role of communication in resolving these. By recognising their own conflict handling styles and contrasting these with others, participants will learn practical skills which they can apply in a strategic and timely manner to their work and personal lives.
WHO IS IT FOR?Individuals seeking to improve their conflict resolution skills and communication skills when dealing with internal as well as external stakeholders
DELIVERYFace-to-face training workshop

Work-based activities, including presentations, group work and case studies

  • Identify the benefits of constructive conflict and misconceptions on conflict
  • Understand the conflict cycle: causes and warning signals
  • Recognise communication barriers and understand the communication process
  • Identify personal communication and conflict handling styles
  • Apply active listening and effective questioning skills
  • Understand the role of mediation and confidentiality
  • Adopt a mediation or facilitation role with ease
  • Apply techniques to effectively manage different emotions
  • Understand the concept of emotional intelligence and its use in effective conflict resolution
  • Deliver feedback more effectively

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