Our Internship Program


Since 2004, AcademyGlobal has provided over 60 internship placements to final year students at leading universities. More than half of our interns received paid positions with AG following their assignments. Subsequently all have progressed to build exciting careers in a range of professions including investment management, law, media, accounting, marketing and finance. We are proud to have selected interns from the following universities:


“During my time with AcademyGlobal, I was offered various opportunities to expand on my existing skills and further explore other avenues enhancing my creativity and professional skill set. Due to the dynamic nature of my role, I developed greater confidence participating in new environments and challenges where presented.

This internship was most valuable in kickstarting my career, I highly recommend the internship offered at AcademyGlobal!”

“AcademyGlobal has provided me with the most authentic and invaluable experience in the business industry by providing a supportive and hands-on environment. From day 1, I was greatly impressed by the level of professionalism and expertise displayed by the team at AG.

My skills and understanding of the operations of a business were tested through the meaningful work I was tasked with, developing my understanding of technologies and software that assist in the business development prospects and creating and delivering these products. It has produced a lasting impression of the dedication and commitment to work required to maintain a business reputation for excellence.

This internship has equipped me with the confidence and reassurance in my knowledge that I can quickly adapt and progress toward a career in the business industry. The internship was an eye-opening experience that helped me to grow both personally and professionally. I highly recommend AcademyGlobal to any aspiring student seeking to gain invaluable knowledge and develop their skills.”

“Inclusivity in AG grows a sense of belonging in me – realising that what I do matters, which drives me to come up to work with enthusiasm and joy. It is impressive to witness how strong AG values and visions are in what they are doing. I am incredibly grateful to get to learn as a Product Development and Marketing Associate, primarily designing and creating e-Learning contents. All the colleagues are very welcoming and open for a chat – it is indeed a very positive environment! It is a great place to kick off your career.”

“During my tenure as an intern at AcademyGlobal, I had the opportunity to contribute to a variety of projects over a period of nearly three months. This experience proved to be one of the most productive periods of my life, as I collaborated closely with a team of affable professionals and an exceptionally astute and sophisticated CEO.

Having had the privilege of working alongside such a dynamic group of individuals, I am confident that this internship has provided me with valuable knowledge and skills that will undoubtedly serve as a stepping stone to future success.”

“At AcademyGlobal I gained a lot of experience, especially in the fields of risk management and finance. I consolidated my knowledge of accounting and financial concepts by putting them into practice and developed new skills relevant for working in business. My internship with AG exposed me to a dynamic group of facilitators enabling me to combine my range of skills alongside my ideal career path and interests. Through my internship, I learned that I am more interested in the quantitative aspects of finance as opposed to providing research and advice, and therefore have enhanced my perception of a career in trading or investment banking. I would highly recommend an AG internship.”

“I would like to start off by saying that I could not have asked for a better internship experience. Over the past few months I feel like I have gained so much experience and real world wisdom. The internship was varied. I believe that this internship was successful in furthering my knowledge of a career in the field of finance. I saw the pressure of deadlines, importance of appearance, the value of being a self-motivator and the joy of loving your job. Also, I appreciate having colleagues who were very approachable during the internship, and who took time to explain the organisation structure of the board as well as share their experiences and knowledge with me. In conclusion, I can testify that this internship gave me a lot of new experience and I would recommend a AG internship to everyone!”

“The internship at AcademyGlobal has allowed me to hone my skills, especially those in my field of study, experience many responsibilities necessary to run a business and perform actual business research with experienced, brilliant people. AcademyGlobal has broadened my understanding of the business world in general and has given me a strong foundation and valuable experience for my future career. The internship was a valuable resource and real world experience. One of the greatest benefits that I have received is the knowledge that I actually enjoy doing what it is I have been studying for.”

“My internship at AcademyGlobal was a highly valuable experience as I was able to not only put into effect skills I’d learned at University, but I was also able to gain a plethora of new skills in a dynamic environment. My time at AG allowed me to develop my marketing knowledge and apply it effectively and I am sure that I will continue to apply the skills I acquired at AG in the future.”

“During my internship at AcademyGlobal I have been able to put into practice the knowledge and skills gained through my Bachelor of Business at the University of Technology, Sydney. The internship opportunity has allowed me to work in diverse range of business roles and projects, which has provided me with the practical skills of engaging with business leaders and further growing my confidence and capabilities.”  

“My time at AG as a business intern provided me with great practical tools whilst completing my business degree. By following on with a business assistant role at AG I was able to further expand my experience by engaging with various consultants and being involved in business development activities. Overall my time at AG has provided me with great hands-on knowledge and experience that will definitely assist me in my future endeavours”.

“During my internship at AG I learned much about utilising the internet and technology for marketing. The thing that I like the most from AG internship program is that it is very practical and down to earth hence can be applied directly to my own daily activities both as a student in college and as a co-worker in the office. Anthony is currently a Human Capital Consultant at Towers Watson specialising in Talent Management, HR Service Delivery and HR Information Technology.”

“My internship at Academy Global was a truly wonderful and valuable experience. Together with my colleagues I had the unique opportunity to develop an educational program from start to the final execution, from which I am still benefitting today. I can say with great confidence that if you are looking for an internship that puts you in the driver seat and where your input and contribution is valued and recognized then what are you waiting for? You will acquire applicable and practical learning’s that will make a significant difference.”

“My experience at AG as a Business Development Assistant advanced both my capacity for strategic thinking and my business acumen. I received the opportunity to engage with internationally renowned clients, undertake challenging product development work and experience the benefits of an interactive workplace, where I was given serious responsibility. Retrospectively, my experience at AG was critical to the development of my understandings of the commercial sphere and has resulted in a much deeper appreciation for learning and development as a tool for driving organisational efficiency.”

“At AcademyGlobal my internship has provided me an insight into the practical skills that are used in the workplace. Coupling this with a double/degree in Law and business has allowed learn effective time-managing and leadership skills, qualities that AG strive to promote. Your contribution is valuable and becomes an essential part of the organisation. It has provided me with the knowledge, capability and confidence for pursuing future goals.”

“AcademyGlobal offered me extensive learning opportunities, while allowed to hone skills and knowledge gained during my Master of Commerce degree at the University of Sydney. It was my first job in Australia and I am very grateful to the company and its expert team for helping me to explore local business specificity in a collaborative and motivating environment. My career path brought me to the start-up environment where I still continually rely on the capabilities developed and honed in AG. I wish the Company further growth opportunities and new exciting projects.”

“My internship at AG opened the doors for me. Paul has trust that I would be able to deliver the results and I know I did not let him down. Following my internship, Paul introduced me to an entrepreneur. I was selected to be the Operations Manager of the Company, where I stayed for 2 years and today, I am the Country Manager of a Swedish Company for almost 2 years now. My career path was kick started not only by the internship with AG, but also by the trust that Paul put in me.”