AG Business Simulation Championship 2022

Applications Closes 30th August, 2022 at 5pm ICT

Students will get the opportunity to develop critical teamwork and strategic thinking skills as they compete against fellow teams of students from across Vietnam.

In this fast paced competition, students will work in teams to apply financial literacy and analytical skills as they tackle business challenges in a simulation game designed to mirror the challenges of real-world decision making.

The simulation competition will run online for 3 hours per week over 2 weeks, with Vietnam’s top business students demonstrating their knowledge of management, finance, marketing, and operations.

Why should you encourage your students to join?

  • Opportunity to demonstrate knowledge through a competitive, practical business simulation
  • Additional extra-curricular experience and evidence of teamwork and problem solving skills

Eligibility Criteria

  • Team of 3 students studying business, commerce, or related degree
  • Maximum 3 groups per University.

How it works

The competition will be run online for 3 hours per week over 2 weeks.

There will be a qualifying round where the 20 teams will be split into 2 groups, with the 2 highest scoring teams from each group progressing to the final round.

Business Simulation Introduction Video

Championship Timetable

  1. Team applications close – 13th September
  2. Practice session – 23rd September
  3. Group A Qualifying round – 27th September
  4. Group B Qualifying round – 28th September
  5. Final – 30th September


  1. First Prize – USD$1000
  2. Second Prize – USD$500
  3. Third Prize – USD$250

How to apply

  • Watch the introduction video on the registration page to learn how the business simulation works
  • Form a team of 3 students and assign responsibilities to each team member – CEO, CMO and CFO
  • Complete the registration form
  • Join 3 hour practice run supported by the AcademyGlobal team to familiarise yourself with the business simulation before the competition rounds
  • Gain access to the business simulation and practice for 1 week before the qualifying rounds