Deadline for registration – Thursday, 12th October, 4PM AEDT/ 6PM NZDT. No Registration Fee

Restricted to a total of 50 teams, with a maximum of 3 teams per university

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Take the challenge to develop teamwork, decision making and strategic thinking skills while competing against fellow teams across Australia and New Zealand.

In this fast paced competition, you’ll work in teams to demonstrate your financial and commercial acumen as you tackle simulated business challenges in a game designed to mirror the pressures of real-world business decision making.

  • Conducted 100% online via Zoom
  • Run over 1 week – 3 hours per round
  • Restricted to a total of 50 teams, with a maximum of 3 teams per university
  • Strictly limited places available, register soon!

Why students should join

  • Opportunity to prove your knowledge and skill through a competitive, practical online business simulation
  • Earn extra-curricular experience demonstrating evidence of teamwork and decision making skills
  • Digital badge for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place

Eligibility Criteria

  • Each team must include 3 current university students
  • Team members be from the same Australian/New Zealand university
  • Not have participated in previous AG Business Simulation Championship

How it works

  • Run over 1 week – 3 hours per round
  • Practice simulation and instruction guide will be provided one week in advance
  • Qualifying round – 50 teams are split into 10 groups
  • Highest scoring team from each of 10 groups progress to Elimination Round
  • Elimination round with 10 teams, split into 2 groups
  • Top 2 teams from each of 2 groups then progress to Finals

Championship Timetable

1. Applications close – Thursday 12th October, 4pm AEDT/ 6pm NZDT
2. Practice round – Friday 13th October, 4pm AEDT/6pm NZDT
3. Group Qualifying round – Monday 16th October , 9am AEDT/11am NZDT
4. Elimination round – Wednesday 18th October, 9am AEDT/11am NZDT
5. Final – Friday 20th October, 9am AEDT/ 11am NZDT
6. Award Ceremony – Friday 20th October, 4pm AEDT/ 6pm NZDT


  1. 1st Prize – AUD$1,500
  2. 2nd Prize – AUD$1000
  3. 3rd Prize – AUD$500

Digital Badges

How to apply

  • Watch introduction video on registration page to learn how the simulation works
  • Form a team of 3 and assign role to each team member, e.g. – CEO, CFO and CMO/COO
  • Complete and submit the registration form by 12th October
  • Join 1 hour practice round supported by AcademyGlobal before the competition starts
  • Gain access to the business simulation and instruction guide for 1 week before the qualifying round


The simulation has enhanced our teamwork and collaboration by allowing us to work together in a virtual business environment, strategize, make decisions, and analyse outcomes collectively. For the short answer section of the simulation, this contributed to our team’s success by problem-solving while providing a realistic business context for us to apply our knowledge.

AcademyGlobal’s business simulation competition was an expansive experience that pushed the boundaries of the conventional learning process. The hands-on experience was both fun and challenging. I started considering a more holistic approach to entrepreneurship and implementing new ways of thinking, and ESG has climbed the ladder to sit on my priority list of business decisions. The short simulation serves as a catalyst and emphasises the importance of building a healthy and sustainable business beyond an effective revenue generator.

It has been an invaluable experience that has allowed me to gain a wealth of knowledge and insights. During the championship game, we encountered a significant shift in dynamics compared to the training sessions, which presented a unique challenge for our teamwork. In order to adapt effectively, we swiftly reallocated responsibilities, with a particular focus on three keys: answering, finance, and operations. In these areas, we fostered a spirit of cooperation and mutual support. In my specific role, I was tasked with the intricate challenge of prioritizing ESG indices while simultaneously ensuring profitability in each simulation round. Needless to say, this posed its own set of difficulties. I must commend AG’s platform for providing an excellent foundation for our team’s collaboration and enabling us to truly put our cooperation skills to the test. I sincerely appreciate the efforts invested by your team in organizing this competition, and I genuinely hope that there will be more similar opportunities in the future.

We enjoyed the journey. I think what we achieved was more than that, namely knowledge in running a business in the real world, strategic thinking, decision- making, financial analysis, competitor analysis, collaboration, and most of all, friendship with my teammates. I am pumped to get in touch with other team members as well. So much to learn!

Introduction Video :

*Video is an example. Criteria for winning each round will be setout clearly on 13th October during the practice session.

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