As AcademyGlobal’s Associate, Brad is tasked with producing and collating information surrounding the formulation of a panel of field experts to develop content and further reach our intended audiences. More specifically, this entails assisting with the development of a new Risk Management course through engaging with industry experts to provide key insights and contributions to AcademyGlobal’s services in education.

In addition, Brad encompasses an intricacy of communication, interpersonal skills and critical & innovative thinking that embodies the experiences Brad has formulated through working across different industries whilst studying, such as e-commerce, hospitality, and retail. Brad has had the opportunity to work under a multitude of motivated, successful business owners that similarly project the passion for learning and application of knowledge. These key skills align with his degree in a Bachelor of Business, with a double major in Digital Marketing & Communications and Management, at The University of Adelaide.

Brad possesses a tenacity to learn and utilise the ability to communicate to form meaningful relationships between stakeholders in the interest of business creativity and value, critiquing and analysing the operations of a business in a managerial and marketable lens to ensure longevity and success.


  • Bachelor of Business (Digital Marketing & Communications and Management)
  • Certificate III in Micro Business Management