Coaching for Leaders and Managers

AcademyGlobal Coaching Courses provide you with knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to successfully coach in the workplace. As coaching is the secret to achieving more with your team, it is important to have an efficient and effective process to guide your coaching conversations – the GROW Coaching model makes this easy to achieve. It is also key to master the key skills required for coaching – such as active listening, empowering others, reframing, and rapport building.

Depending on your role and degree of confidence with coaching, AG has a coaching course suitable for your skill level. Starting with the Foundation Course will ensure that you can master the fundamentals of coaching individuals that report to you, such as understanding when to coach and when to manage. The Advanced Course will then develop your coaching skills further so that you can confidently lead your team in performance, development, and team collaboration conversations. The best (and arguably only) way to unlock the full potential, increase the capabilities of your team, and to achieve your business goals is to coach.

Coaching for Leaders and Managers Courses: