CATEGORY: e-learning Program

Sustainable Procurement

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

This 30 minute introductory eLearning module will provide you with an overview of sustainability principles and considerations in procurement. The course looks at environmental, economic and social impacts of procurement activity and steps to achieve sustainable procurement when undertaking procurement activity. The course also covers the quadruple bottom line, Modern Slavery legislation and life cycle assessment methodology. The course was developed in collaboration with our faculty member Jo Bailey from one of our trusted partner organisations Progressive Systems.

Course Outline:

  1. Understand the principles of sustainable procurement and how to achieve positive environmental outcomes through sustainable procurement
  2. Identify sustainable procurement practices
  3. Apply ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement Guidance
  4. Recognise opportunities to integrate sustainability principles into every procurement
  5. Understand quadruple bottom line, life cycle assessment and the circular economy
  6. Understand relevant Australian federal and state government guidance and frameworks for sustainable procurement
  7. Develop skills to procure sustainably

Jo has extensive experience in procurement and leadership roles and, with her Progressive Systems team, built a Sustainable Procurement Awareness program in line with the International Standard (ISO 20400). Jo and Team facilitate workshops for organisations to bring their business leaders together with their procurement teams to champion the sustainability journey.

Jo’s work with Academy Global to support the development and delivery of sustainable procurement training, helps fulfil her passions for sustainability, promoting the procurement profession and developing people in procurement.

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