Demystifying Government Course


Demystifying Government For Business/Non-Government Sector

OVERVIEWThis comprehensive workshop provides private sector employees with the knowledge and skills to understand and engage with the Government and public service.

Participants develop a practical understanding of the policy and political process and the major types of activities undertaken by government.

WHO IS IT FOR?Individuals in the private sector needing to enhance their comprehension of, and ability to engage with, the Government.
  • Understand the broad structure, history and framework for government
  • Able to explain the roles, responsibilities and interactions of key actors in government
  • How and why governments make decisions
  • What factors influence government decision-makers
  • How the public service and the political tier interact
  • How Parliament operates and interacts with the government
  • Practical understanding of the core functions performed by public servants
  • Understanding of how the public service is evolving
  • Understanding of how the public service operates within a Federal context
  • Enhanced capacity to engage with the government and public service
DELIVERYFace-to-face training workshop

Work-based activities, including presentations, group tasks and case studies

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