Diploma of Leadership & Management for Major Global Company

This organisation was finalising acquisitions and was in the latter stages of the assignment planning for divestitures. The organisational changes were introducing stresses and conflicts between departments and individuals, so a key focus of the training was to provide opportunities for departments and individuals to collaborate on activities.

A leadership and management development program was conducted in Melbourne for the organisation’s Australian staff. Designed for emerging leaders, the participants were drawn from capital cities and regional centres throughout Australia. As part of this training, participants undertook a 360-degree assessment of their strengths and development opportunities as both team members and team leaders. The coaching element comprised a combination of individual and small group coaching sessions, which were designed to help participants confidently apply the classroom lessons in their teams. The GROW (Goal Reality Options Will) coaching methodology was taught to the emerging leaders as part of the class curriculum and demonstrated in practice through coaching sessions led by the facilitators.