Contract Management Framework for State-Owned Corporation

This project involved organisational change across multiple locations and developing the knowledge and skills of over 400 staff. The organisation was in the final stages of privatisation, which necessitated cultural change to adjust to competing in a commercial context with shareholder expectations.

As a result of risk and audit committee findings, the Board issued a mandate for a significantly revised approach to the implementation and management of contracts. Governance and compliance risks were identified, which needed immediate corrective action. A partner firm – a public sector strategy consultancy – developed an overarching contract management framework and contract management plan. AcademyGlobal delivered the change management program and embedded these new practices and policies throughout the organisation.

Following widespread organisational change and adoption of the new contract management framework and planning procedures, governance and operational risks were substantially reduced. Executives across the organisation noted an increased level of transparency, accountability and confidence in securing value for money from their third-party contracting arrangements.