Linking Financial Acumen to Business Performance

By Paul Vorbach, Managing Director, AcademyGlobal Pty Ltd The Oxford Dictionary defines acumen as ‘the ability to make good judgments and make quick decisions’. According to the dictionary, the word is derived from the Latin verb ‘acuere’: ‘to sharpen’. The acquisition of financial acumen hinges on the combination of many factors, including on-the-job experience and continuous learning. […]


5 Hard Truths: What wannabe startup entrepreneurs should know.

By Paul Vorbach, Managing Director, AcademyGlobal Pty Ltd With so much excitement around innovation, startups and entrepreneurship, I thought it timely to share a few sobering reflections on the realities of small business. They’re based on 15 years of establishing businesses, following a decade in large corporations including Deloitte and Citi. You are small, weak […]

Conduct Risk

By Richard Walker, Senior Consultant, AcademyGlobal Pty Ltd You don’t have to work in financial markets to be aware of conduct risk. There are a multitude of very public examples that illustrate the fallout when conduct risk goes wrong. The media is awash with stories about foreign exchange and LIBOR benchmarks rigging, and the multi-billion […]