Creating a Corporate Advisory Board: the AcademyGlobal Experience

By Paul Vorbach, Managing Director, AcademyGlobal Pty Ltd In mid 2015, AcademyGlobal (AG) established its first Corporate Advisory Board (“Advisory Board”). The following article captures the rationale behind this decision; how we approached it and the benefits we hope to reap.   What is an Advisory Board? Advisory Boards are comprised of outside experts who […]


How to Reduce Your Cost Base Without Losing Sight of Your Strategic Direction

By Stuart Patch, Operations Director, AcademyGlobal   Managing competitive pressures Organisations continue to face a lot of price pressure as domestic and overseas competitors fight to increase or maintain their market share. The challenge with this is how to be more competitive without destroying the future success of your organisation. Below I highlight a few […]

Using ISO31000 to Manage Supply Chain Risk

By Stuart Patch, Operations Director, Academy Global   ACE Groups Emerging risks barometer 2015 found that supply chain risks continue to be a major concern for organisations with some 31% of respondents highlighting this to be of greatest concern for their business. As businesses continue to pursue efficiencies, supply chains are becoming more complex and […]