Major Organisational Transition through Rapid Business Growth

This organisation underwent a period of substantial growth from the early 2000s to 2012. This included introducing new shareholders, the rejuvenation of the board of directors and a substantial increase in capital investment, including new processing plant sites and facilities. The transition from a single shareholder family-owned business to one that included professional investors required a significant change in the organisation’s governance, management and operations.

After thoroughly assessing the organisation’s design and human resources, AcademyGlobal undertook a capability assessment, which led to the creation of a three-level management development program: senior management, middle management and supervisors and team leaders.

With a clear mandate from the Chief Executive Officer (and major shareholder) and the support and insight provided by the Chief Operating Officer, AcademyGlobal developed a comprehensive leadership and management program. Senior Australian and regional staff were consulted widely on this initiative and given clear definitions of their roles in supporting the program, which was rolled out across multiple locations to several hundred staff.

This wide-scale training initiative took place during significant changes to the organisation’s structure and the acquisition and development of new sites and facilities. While this brought some logistical challenges and required agility in responding to changes in staff availability, AcademyGlobal was nonetheless able to deliver the program and over 95% of participants completed their management training journey.