The Negotiation Program for Supply Chain Professionals

There are numerous high-impact, yet also high-risk predicaments that logistics and supply chain professionals may find themselves in. Negotiation skills can help these professionals to maximise potential opportunities whilst also minimizing harms.

Considering the wide range of internal negotiations that logistics and supply chain professionals need to hold as well as the critical impact in dealing with external stakeholders – it should not be surprising to learn that executives increasing see negotiation skills as a core capability.

The Negotiation Program for Supply Chain professionals is the first of it’s kind in Australia. Taught by renowned negotiation facilitator, Filip Hron, you will learn how to uncover unexpressed needs, evaluate the other party’s position and options and plan your negotiation strategy.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop awareness of where negotiation insights can be used to resolve issues affecting logistics and supply chain professionals.
  • Learn how to transform confrontational interactions into a constructive pursuit of mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Identify groups of recurring, predictable strategies and patterns of behaviors in negotiations.
  • Build the confidence to remain assertive in addressing problems without harming relationships.
  • Understanding of how a person’s behavior is driven by factors internal and external to the person.

Course Structure

Morning Session - The common approach to negotiation

If you were to attend a large number of courses on negotiation, read a large number of books, and speak with a large number of individuals with negotiation experience, then you will hear the same advice over, and over, and over agian.

There is an established common belief of what negotiation is, what the desired goal is, and the best tactics for getting there.

In this session participants will engage in a simulation that has the potential to reveal most of the key characteristics of the common approach. We explore topics such as positions, concessions, compromises, tactics, negotiation range, trades, deception, manipulation, power, threats, negotiation styles, and how negotiators prepare (if at all) for this approach.

Afternoon Session - A more effective approach to negotiation

One problem with the common approach is that it is rewards traits and behaviours that you likely find unacceptable in at least some areas of your life.

Another problem is that the common approach is the least effective of the available macro strategies. It can work, but you need to be graced with luck, power, or a naïve counter-party.

This session will introduce you to a more effective strategy – one that is more likely to produce valuable outcomes, works more often, and does so while improving the working relationship.

The best part is that you already have many of the core skills necessary for this game. You simply don’t apply them often enough.

Course Benefits

  • Develop confidence and knowledge to plan a negotiation
  • Gain insights into your style and approach to negotiation
  • Learn how the other party perceives a negotiation from their point of view
  • Understand common assumptions and misunderstandings about successful negotiators
  • Recognise signs of unethical negotiation techniques and how to deal with them
  • Develop the skills to reach agreement and avoid the risk of post negotiation misunderstandings

Course Timetable

Workshop Date: 2 March 2022

Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm AEDT/AEST

Course Fees

Course Fee: $975 incl. GST per enrolment.