CILT Module DIP02 Supply Chain Management

OVERVIEWThe aim of this module is to introduce the main principles, concepts and practices of supply chain management. The content of the module covers four main themes. These are: what is a supply chain and supply chain planning, why it is important in any business, how the supply chain operates and the principles for supply chain improvement. Where appropriate, the global nature of the supply chain will be emphasised.
DURATION6 x 3 hours
DELIVERYVirtual workshop
Work-based activities, including presentations, group work and case studies
  • Understand the concept of the supply chain, its main components and how it may vary in different organisations.
  • Understand the importance of integrating and harmonising physical and information flows within a supply chain.
  • Understand how to plan a supply chain from a strategic and operational standpoint.
  • Understand the relationship between supply chain planning and customer service levels.
  • Know how to identify and cost the separate activities within a supply chain.
  • Understand the role and types of performance indicators in supply chain management.
  • Know how supply chain performance can be enhanced towards lean and agile systems.
  • Understand the different approaches to performance improvement.
  • Understand the role of information processing in supply chain improvement.

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