CILT Module DIP04 Transport Planning

OVERVIEWThis course presents the key generic aspects of transport planning. It provides the foundation of knowledge on the concepts and principles that govern the process of transport planning. The unit investigates the nature and purpose of transport planning, the interactions between transport and land-use and the process of transport planning.
DURATION6 x 3 hours
DELIVERYVirtual workshop
Work-based activities, including presentations, group work and case studies
  • Understand the nature and purpose of transport planning.
  • Understand the impact of historical developments and more recent trends on land use and transport planning.
  • Know the causes of the demand for movement.
  • Understand the current trends in the demand for movement.
  • Know the available options for the supply of transport.
  • Understand the characteristics and constraints of transport modes.
  • Understand the principles of sustainability and their application to transport planning.
  • Know the sources of data on travel behaviour.
  • Understand the principles of integration within and between different transport modes.

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