CILT Module DIP06 Movement of Goods

OVERVIEWThis unit provides the underlying knowledge for the movement of goods in a national and international context. It addresses the responses of the transport operator to the characteristics of goods and places the latter’s movements in the context of the total logistics concept. Choice of mode, vehicle and route are integral and the external and internal issues relating to modal infrastructures are featured. A further key element is the location of infrastructure, and the operation of interchanges together with their supporting information links.
DURATION6 x 3 hours
DELIVERYVirtual workshop
Work-based activities, including presentations, group work and case studies
  • Know how the characteristics of goods impact on their handling.
  • Understand the safety and security requirements of goods to be moved.
  • Know the variety of sources and destinations of goods.
  • Understand the impact of the collection and delivery site characteristics and constraints.
  • Know the characteristics of the various modes of transport and their infrastructure requirements.
  • Understand the nature, management and resource requirements of the modal nodes.
  • Understand the various types of movement and their resource requirements.
  • Know the safety and security issues involved in undertaking movements.
  • Understand the application of logistics principles and practices in relation to the movement of goods

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