CILT Module DIP09 Retail Logistics

OVERVIEWThe aim of this unit is to formulate and apply principles and practices of supply chain management to retailing. It therefore builds upon and develops the content of the Supply Chain Management unit. In order to appreciate these principles and practices, the unit will focus on retail logistics, nationally and globally. Key elements will be the ways in which changes in society, business organisation and retail structures have impacted upon logistics activity in retailing.
DURATION6 x 3 hours
DELIVERYVirtual workshop
Work-based activities, including presentations, group work and case studies
  • Understand customer buying patterns both nationally and globally.
  • Understand the nature of the retail market and its current segmentation.
  • Understand the underlying principles of retail strategies from a retailer and supplier perspective.
  • Understand the role of partnerships within retail logistics strategy.
  • Understand the basic principles underpinning different inventory management systems.
  • Understand warehouse management systems (WMS).
  • Understand the available sourcing solutions.
  • Know what is meant by globalisation in a retail market.
  • Understand the impact of globalisation on retail supply chains.

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