CIPS Module L4M3 Commercial Contracting

OVERVIEWIn any organisation, a significant element of the procurement and supply function is based around the contracting process. If they are to be successful, contracts must be clearly defined, be cognisant of legal requirements and contain key clauses and terms. This module is designed for those working in the procurement and supply field, or those who have responsibility for the development of legally binding contracts with suppliers.
DURATION3 x 1.5 hours
DELIVERYVirtual workshop Work-based activities, including presentations, group work and case studies
  • Understand the legal issues that relate to the formation of contracts
  • Analyse the documentation that can comprise a commercial agreement for the supply of goods or services
  • Analyse the legal issues that relate to the creation of commercial agreements with customers or suppliers
  • Compare types of contractual agreements made between customers and suppliers
  • Understand the fundamentals of specifications and key performance indicators that are included in contractual arrangements made with suppliers
  • Analyse the content of specifications for procurements
  • Appraise examples of key performance indicators (KPIs) in contractual agreements
  • Understand the key clauses that are included in formal contracts
  • Analyse contractual terms for contracts that are created with external organisations
  • Recognise examples of contractual terms typically incorporated into contracts that are created with external organisations
  • Recognise types of pricing arrangements in commercial agreements

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