Finance Essentials for Turnaround




OVERVIEWThis workshop provides essential knowledge and skills required to undertake financial diagnosis prior to embarking upon a corporate restructure or turnaround. Financial analysis techniques such as ratio analysis, cash flow compositions and bankruptcy prediction indicators are covered.
WHO IS IT FOR?Business advisers involved in company restructuring and turnarounds wanting a better grasp of accounting concepts, rules and processes; individuals without an accounting background who need to use financial reports; individuals who want to gain a better understanding of how financial reports capture the operations of a business
DELIVERYFace-to-face training or virtual workshop

Work-based activities, including presentations, group work and case studies

  • Demystify the language of finance and accounting
  • Understand the critical difference between cash flow and profitability, and how to test for solvency
  • Recognise the importance of understanding and interpreting financial reports in the restructuring and turnaround process
  • Explain the accounting process of recording, summarising and reporting information about business tractions
  • Understand the operation of the accounting process within the organisation
  • Explain how financial reports can be used to better understand the operations of a business

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