Negotiation Masterclass




OVERVIEWThis comprehensive and highly practical workshop will provide participants with multiple opportunities to test their negotiation skills and build upon these in a structured sequence of learning and application. The key ingredients to successful negotiation are described and a robust yet flexible negotiation framework applied to a variety of different negotiation contexts.
WHO IS IT FOR?Individuals seeking to build on their existing negotiation skills and learn new techniques to negotiate successful outcomes in a variety of contexts
  • Learn to negotiate more effectively during conflict
  • Recognise and understand negotiation styles
  • Apply a repeatable negotiation process
  • Assess concessions and identify priorities
  • Employ effective trading and bargaining techniques
  • Apply improved skills to team negotiation activities
  • Improve time efficiency and effectiveness in negotiations
  • Identify tactics and develop strategies to deal with unethical conduct
  • Improve recognition and use of closing opportunities
DELIVERYFace-to-face training or virtual workshop

Work-based activities, including presentations, group work and case studies

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