UTS is the #1 young university in Australia, and #14 young university in the world, according to the QS World University Rankings Top 50 Under 50. They’re also Australia’s top ranked young university in the Times Higher Education 150 Universities Under 50.

The Requirement

In 2008, the Australian Chapter of the US Turnaround Management Association (TMA) sought to identify a University partner for its Certified Turnaround Practitioner (CTP) program. The University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) was identified as the preferred academic institution on the back of its first class reputation for commercial rigour and real world focus. UTS then sought course developers for each of the subjects  Whilst legal and accounting subject matter experts could be found within the ranks of the academic community, the management of turnarounds required a distinctively pragmatic approach 

How We Helped

AG was approached to develop and provide faculty to deliver this course.  The first step was consultation with leading industry practitioners seeking first hand experiences from the field. The second step was to review the existing academic literature to discover key and recurrent themes.  Finally, with further research of the Australian and regional events the curriculum was developed which has since served the basis for a successful program which has now been delivered across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane each year since inception. 

The Outcome

The industry’s embrace of the successful CTP, has helped the TMA in Australia to grow its membership base and helped distinguish it from its competitors.  UTS too, has reaffirmed its place as a leading academic institution for professional associations with whom to partner to achieve quality industry qualifications.