Public Sector Courses are a core competency and key capability area of AcademyGlobal’s. AG offers a wide range of programs tailored to the local, State and Commonwealth agencies and departments. Whilst government and commercial organisations have a number of common characteristics, the government environment has a greater level of legislation and policy that governs its activities.

There are a number of areas where training needs to be refined in order to be relevant for those working in government administration, including the requirement for high levels of transparency in decision-making and the ability to provide evidence of probity.

In addition to Australia and New Zealand, AcademyGlobal has taught senior government staff across ASEAN, South Asia and the Middle East and therefore have an in-depth understanding of cross-cultural aspects of government administration.

Popular public sector training courses with a high level of customisation offered by AcademyGlobal include; business case development, data analysis and presentation, financial management, contract negotiation, project management, procurement and contracting, policy writing and change management and conflict resolution. Whilst most of these programs have equivalents in the commercial sector, AG’s courses are tailored to meet the needs of public administrators.

Our knowledge and understanding of the needs of government administration stems from over 10 years experience in working with multiple departments and agencies including those within the Commonwealth Government of Australia, the New South Wales Government, The Government of Victoria and The Queensland Government. You can find an exhaustive list of our government and non-government clients under the Partners and Clients tab on this website.


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