Public Service For New Starters

Public Service Training

The Public Sector offers a wider range of interesting and challenging opportunities than ever before. Modern day public sector organisations are vibrant places to work, ones which align well with individuals who have a strong desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others in society. Whilst some of the traditional distinctions in public and private sectors continue to exist, these are now increasingly less pronounced. One area that continues to distinguish the government from non-government organisations is the level of public scrutiny on the way in which the public sector operates. To be truly successful, new staff to the public sector need to gain a sound grasp of the key features of the public sector and how it operates with the government and the broader community. These programs will equip new starters to the public sector with essentials skills and knowledge to help them better understand how decisions are made and the key policy and probity principles governing the way staff act.

Public Services Workshops: