Ramtin is a Finance Graduate from UOW who joined AG as a Research Associate. Earlier in his career, Ramtin held positions in engineering, administration, and athletics before joining AcademyGlobal. A key responsibility of Ramtin at AcademyGlobal is to research the latest developments in ESG reporting related to corporate governance. He will present the findings in a demystified format by identifying and addressing the current and future obligations for ESG reporting. As well as developing industry seminars for e-learning training modules, Ramtin makes recommendations to directors and senior executives regarding the development of their ESG reports. Further, Ramtin, with an engineering background, offers an extensive perspective on the Environmental pillar of ESG reports based on his expertise, and he holds that learning and enhancing your skills will always be valuable in the future.


  • Master of Finance, University of Wollongong
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Materials, Science and Engineering), Amirkabir University of technology – Tehran Polytechnic